How It All Began...

Dr. Jawad Trad (TJ) was born in Beirut, Lebanon mid the country's civil war. He witnessed the horrors of war, and the triumphs of good men and women. All he wanted in life was to save lives, to be someone's hope to live among their loved ones.

Dr. Trad moved to the United States as a young teenager, where he started college at Oklahoma State University at a very young age. Art, poetry and medicine were his solace, and after seventeen years of education he got to call the heart his ideo vives.

Dr. Trad graduated with a fellowship in invasive cardiology on June 3, 2016, and few days after graduation lead a medical mission trip to Haiti. Shortly after, he found himself at the Lebanese-Syrian border treating refugees of war, witnessing faces so familiar from childhood.

CURA for the world was founded on a vision to heal and nourish the neglected, to break the chains of the illiterate, to reach the unreachable and to have limitless love in a world where love is often forgotten.



The story behind our image

It all started with a doctor’s dream, a vision, like minded friends, lots of hard work and the will to make the world a better place by lending a helping hand.

Genesis: Cūra  ‎(genitive cūrae); a healing hand, a helping hand in Latin.

" Our logo tells the story of a helping hand -CURA- gently holding the globe represented by the letter “C”, a simple circle open and ready for helping the neglected. The “U” which makes a turn around the globe and come reaching out to the rest of the letters, create one strong entity. Cura’s logo clearly shows the mission to travel the world to help those in need, this hand-drawn shape bring to life a dream, colored in black to reflect the seriousness of the work. After all black is the combination of all primary colors ."

- Jihan Fadel