On June 1, 2017, the CURA team traveled to Uganda alongside Project Orphans to serve impoverished communities in the Central Kampala region. We are in the process of building a medical clinic which will provide basic medical care for orphaned children, widows and those in the surrounding community who are ill due to lack of local medical care. The clinic will offer long-term medical support with help of a local nurse and physician and is anticipated to open early 2018. Our medical mission was a success. 26 health care professionals including US trained physicians, physician assistants, ICU trained nurses along-side Ugandan physicians were able to care for 3000 patients in the Acholi region in five days as well as provide surgical interventions for those in need of immediate surgery.

We plan to implement long-term projects in the local community alongside Project Orphans to address food security and water resource challenges. Our mission is to set up a sustainable agriculture practice (permaculture) through engagement and empowerment of locals and install a water well to provide the community with access to drinking water.

The medical facility construction ($15,000) consists of the following: two clinical exam rooms, a waiting area, one bathroom, a medication storage and dispensary area. Education provided by experienced US healthcare professional to local community included topics such as hygiene, communicable diseases, and first aid education.

Medicine / surgical aid ($10,000) provided medicine and wound care to pediatrics and adults, furnished the clinic (stethoscopes, weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, O2 saturation monitors), and provided surgical funds for critical cases.

Digging and setting up for a water well ($10,000) in a strategic environment after extensive study of the area by our environmental experts. Post extraction purification and dispensary methods. Permaculture project ($6,000) Planting diverse crops and fruit trees to sustain the Project Orphans’ Pearl Village and the surrounding community.

Through this model a projected service of 20-30 thousand patients a year is anticipated through our surge Medical Missions (CURA for the world teams and affiliated NGOs / medical groups) and continued routine care via local health care professionals. In addition, future analysis of our permaculture project impact on the community will be available as we move forward with implementation and education.

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